A Strategic Paradigm Shift is Needed

When Americans changed from boats and water to trains and railroads, that was a paradigm shift of strategic proportions.

It was strategic for it forced new ways of thinking and doing throughout all of American society at all levels. The paradigm shift from water to rails “upset the fruit basket,” so to speak, and all needed to conform to this new paradigm.

In 1954, the Interstate Highway Bill passed during the Eisenhower Administration signaled another paradigm shift. This paradigm shift was far more subtle in its strategic nature, as it irrevocably committed the world to an oil-based, internal-combustion-engine motif.

Further, it so locked humans into this paradigm that today, worldwide, many would seemingly rather collapse then to allow another paradigm shift to even greater progress.

There really is life after loss (see www.srgservice.com as well as www.explosivegrowthoutreach.com).

In this case, the world would lose oil dominance, but it would gain far greater, as oil and cars and interstate highways took societies well beyond coal and trains and railroad tracks.

One should realize that a paradigm shift requires a discontinuity. One must let go of the old. One must embrace the new. Society did not, for example, place its railroad tracks upon the waterways.

Conventional management theory is based upon the Industrial Revolution-paradigm, as it has been perfected by The Computer. Computers allow a tweaking based upon financial considerations and debt instruments moment by moment throughout the world.

A paradigm shift from creating wealth through a way of life to creating wealth by increasing the value of existing assets through finance use of debt and risk was in vogue.

When the credit cards individually and society-wide are maxed out, however, is not every one the “old maid” to use a child’s game as metaphor?

My Explosive Growth Technology™ has little direct connectivity to conventional management theory, much as railroads had a lack of connectivity to water. Bridges are built as necessary, but the paradigm shift must occur or else society will drown in its debt with nowhere to go forward. The tides are rising today and the wall faced is not scalable. Society must reach for the next-generation economy.

This reach should be through Explosive Growth Technology.

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